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Well Oiled exists because we desire that every one of us should take an active role in our own growth and healing. We are much more than a metaphysical shop. We are an eclectic community of spiritually minded individuals with a shared goal of wholeness! 

Whether you are looking for herbal burn bundles for cleansing your home, that special crystal, need to restock your incense, gift yourself a new piece of sterling gemstone jewelry, pick up some essential oils, books, tarot, candles, and more Well Oiled has you covered. Items are carefully curated and hand selected so you get only the best! In addition we have a great selection of classes and workshops taught by some of the most patient and knowledgeable teachers. 


Your Spiritual Advisor should be someone you trust and vibe with! All of our staff are compassionate and gifted, but we each bring a unique energy to your experience. Click each of our pictures below to get to know us and what we have to offer you! If you find someone you feel drawn to, scroll down and schedule your appointment!