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About us


I want to take a minute to introduce myself. I am Melissa, Certified Aromatherapist and the owner of Well Oiled. I have three kick-butt kids, a bulldozer of a bulldog, and a very patient husband. We used to be a Lysol and McDonalds family until I realized one day that those things were horrible for me and there was a better way. We started with limiting junk food, swapped out our laundry detergent, and the rest spiraled into this, Well Oiled.

I quickly realized that there are a ton of natural products out there and even more information available on how to go green. Further, it seemed that if there were fewer ingredients in a product it was more expensive! It was overwhelming, to say the least. So, I started going through it all and taking baby steps.

Since launching Well Oiled, it has been my goal to make aromatherapy accessible, affordable, and safe for everyone who wants to learn and start using essential oils. I offer myself, my knowledge, and my experience to you.


Well Oiled was founded on the following principals:
1. Knowledge is power.
2. We all deserve to have a hand in our own health and well being.
3. Safety is paramount. Do no harm.
These principals have guided Melissa through her own essential oil educational journey as well as Well Oiled product development, online and live educational events, and one on one consultations with people just like you!

When I need a mood lifter I go to my oils.
When I feel a cold coming on I go to my oils.
When my body aches I go to my oils.
When my kids are losing their minds fighting I go to my oils.
I go to my oils and I can show you how to go to yours.

Melissa offers a wonderful and comprehensive FREE online class all about Aromatherapy. You will learn the history of aromatherapy, how essential oils are made, and learn about Melissa's 10 favorite essential oils! Click the image below to learn more!