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Melissa is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, and owner of Well Oiled. She offers readings, facilitates spiritual classes, and hosts a community centered on spiritual development, healing, and personal empowerment.
She gets excited when she sees people find their personal power. "I believe that each one of us was born with a purpose and life is an adventure to find it."
Readings with Melissa are an opportunity for reflection and direction. "I use the tarot as a tool to guide my intuition and together we explore the things that weigh on your heart, mind, and spirit so you can find clarity and space to move forward in life."

When you understand the direction to go and the steps to take, the timeline should remain open and flexible. She is able and willing to provide spiritual direction, guidance in your relationships, business mentorship, and general clarity regarding decisions that you need to make in life. "I want to be sure that you are getting thorough answers for your questions and leave the reading knowing your next best step!"

30 minute session: $60

Quick Question: $30 - when you just need a quick answer
Full Reading: $60 - Full in-depth reading on the topic of your choice
Year Ahead or Birthday: $100 - A full 12-month look ahead
Choose Your Own Adventure: $10 per card - We can keep pulling cards until you get where you are going
One hour session: $100
Tarot lessons, business mentorship, Reincarnation/Akashic Records