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Hello Beautiful soul’s! My name is Kala! I just wanted to share a little bit about my own journey through empowered reflection,and how it became  my life's passion. It all started by having my world shattered into pieces after a break up. I was just done of having the same experience in relationships. It has to be me, I am the common denominator in each break-up. The idea came through to look at me! Asking who am I? That lead me to reflection healing. If I don’t love, know, or care, or trust me. How can I expect anyone else to. So, I started by eye gazing with myself. I had a hard time looking into my own eyes for more than a few mins; that led me to asking myself, Why don't I like looking into my eyes. What was I afraid to see? The answers were shocking to hear... I saw all this shame, guilt, anger, sadness to name a few emotions. I asked my reflection in the mirror, where are all these emotions stemming from?  On the surface, I felt happy, joyful in my life, again the answer was inner child (aka) Little Panda made herself known to me in that moment. That was just the beginning of this everyday practice. The more I looked into me the more I discovered. The more I fell in love with me, the more I loved my inner world the more my physical world matched how I felt. I was seeing the reflections. 

Reflective healing is an important part of self-exploration and emotional development. Thank you so much for using your valuable time to read a little bit about my journey. I look forward to seeing your reflection journey Unfold. 🙏



Healing Touch: $55.55 - 30 minute Session

Reset and rebalance your energy, remove blockages in the physical body to alleviate stress and pain.


Mirror-Work Session: $111.00 - 1 Hour 11 minutes

This is a reflective session with eye gazing, cacao ceremony, with witnessing you and journaling.