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OIL DIY - Clean Smarter, Not Harder: Shower Cleaner

No one likes cleaning the bathroom...AmIRight?!? Soap scum, hard water stains, is that crayon? You have enough to worry about so cleaning the bathroom should be a breeze!

Work smarter, not harder.

Toss the nasty chemicals and opt for this less harsh tub and shower cleaner!

You can use this as an every day after shower spray and if want a little extra scrubbing power, add some baking soda for grit. You can even put the mix into one of those dish scrubbers, you know the one that has a bottle as a handle.

You can use whatever essential oil or essential oil blend you want! I suggest a citrus oil or two! Maybe lemon and lime together or just some orange oil! Citrus oils will help break down the oily residue and dirt while smelling great!


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