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Full Moon Journaling

This full moon I wanted to do something a little different for our ritual. I really wanted us to explore the realm of free writing and how it can open up ourselves to our subconscious. When we free-write, we don’t edit ourselves. We don’t question or judge any of the words that come through for us, we just simply write it all down. Did you know that there is so much magic within your physical handwriting? You are putting your words into existence without the use of your voice. Physically writing down words builds a container for your energy to build. When energy builds, energetic shifts happen. 
Things you will need:
White Candle
Cleansing Herbs
Find a comfy spot that supports you in meditation. If you want you can bring in your favorite crystal, put on some soft music, or drink your favorite beverage to help you drop in. Take a moment to cleanse your energy, the energy of your space, as well as your tools. Release the energy of your day. Take a moment to center yourself. Take a deep breath in. At this moment if you want to call the corners, your spiritual team, or your higher self, bring in the energy you need at this moment.
Next, hold your white candle in both of your hands, and breathe energy into it. Light your white candle to support you in your connection to your subconscious. You may also wish to gaze into the flame to help you clear your mind.
Now take a few deep breaths in. When you feel ready, start to write, draw, anything into your journal. Do not think about what you are writing, allow yourself to fill the page without judgement. If you feel stuck and feel resistant to the process, just write. Let your pen flow and don’t overthink it. Overthinking is what creates resistance. Just get all the ideas onto the page without judging them, even if they aren’t what you expected. Don’t edit yourself, either. You can even begin by writing the same thing over and over, then that’s totally fine.
You might write, “I have no idea what to write but I welcome any messages that come forward,” until something starts to flow. Whatever thoughts come into your mind, don’t question them. Just write them down. The more you write, the more your resistance will melt away.
You may experience your pen moving quick and words coming to you super fast. This is called channeling. The messages that you get when this happens are super sacred and come through as the voice of your intuition. Trust that voice, trust those messages, and trust this process. There is no time limit to this process. When you feel comfortable and done, you may wish to end with a “Thank You”.
Once you are finished you may want to read what you wrote and underline or highlight anything that feels important to you. If you want to release what you have written you may burn the paper with the flame of your white candle and send it up to the higher plane. When you have finished completely with this ritual, snuff your candle, and release your guides with gratitude.
If you enjoyed this ritual to make this a practice and keep a journal of all your sessions. The more you practice free writing, the easier it comes! I hope this practice gives you a deeper connection to yourself! 
Many Blessings,

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