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June 21st: The Conscious Couple

June 21st: The Conscious Couple


The Conscious Couple A workshop for couples who seek to improve their connection through conscious communication, compassionate self-awareness tools, and spiritual intimacy. 

Workshop includes:

  • Practical and Useful tools to improve communication and enhance your connection with your partner
  • Opportunities for introspection as you understand your own triggers and how to be responsive and not reactive
  • Learn about your personal attachment style and how that impacts your partnership
  • Learn to foster vulnerability in your relationship to create a safe space with your partner.
  • Deepen your connection with your partner on an energetic spiritual soul level
  • Supportive group setting to share and learn with other couples.
  • Cacao Ceremony to open the heart
  • Assignments for you and your partner to explore as you deepen your connection and practice using the tools you are learning about.

Event price includes admission for two. Friday, June 21st at 7pm.


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