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February 10: Love Ritual 7PM

February 10: Love Ritual 7PM



Love, in its vast and infinite forms, is the most important thing we do within the human experience. We often limit love, its meanings, its possibilities and its function because our need for it is so integral to our well being that we accept versions of love that do not meet our needs. Love spells are often done in unethical ways which violate the autonomy of another person and trap us in a cycle which is unfulfilling. In this class we will talk about and celebrate love and all of its possibilities. We will talk about removing the shame around wanting love and learn a spell designed to bring the most radical kinds of love into your life without resorting to unethical measures. This does not have to be limited to romantic love. Self love, familial love, platonic love, tough love, any kind of love is worth manifesting and can be the focus of your intention when participating in this class.

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