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July 6th: Empowered Tower

July 6th: Empowered Tower


Do you have an interest in Astrology? Want to learn, explore, and understand how to read a natal chart and transit chart? Look no further than our monthly Astrology Club! All levels welcome. Bring your birth chart if you are able.

Welcome to the first in a powerful series of workshops designed to empower you through life's impactful moments! Together we will learn how to navigate these moments to find hope, purpose, alignment, desire, and new beginnings.

The first workshop in this series is the Empowered Tower where we explore navigating significant life transitions from the perspective of the Tower Card in the Tarot.

The Tower Card represents those moments where you find yourself navigating a major change to your life that was out of your control. These are experiences and moments that alter your reality and way of living. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we didn't expect but that change everything. These are Tower Moments.

Melissa will be your guide in this workshop as we will explore how to find clarity in the destruction and learn to rebuild an aligned life.


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