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One thing I always knew since I was a child was that I wanted to help people. That childhood vision has turned into my lifetime passion.

I teach, mentor, and have my own spiritual practice for the last few years.

A little about me: When I was 4 years old, I started to have visions. I'd consistently see death, and it scared me. I learned to embrace the gifts as I got older. I was able to help save instead of just losing. I've utilized being an empath to feel and heal the pain of others. Tarot fills in the blanks of what I already see in my mind. I'll continue to use this gift to help and heal others as it is my greatest joy.

I'm a straightforward to the point reader. It may not be what you want to hear, but it may be what you need to hear. I follow my intuition and my guides and give the most empathetic answers I can. I utilize tarot, pendulum, and oracle cards. I see, I hear, and I feel. I connect to you on every level I can. I help to heal with Reiki, Clearings, & Chakra Balancings.

I look forward to helping you gain clarity and balance on your life.



Distance Reiki: $35
30 minutes in person Reiki: $35



Quick & Dirty Tarot: $20 - 15 minute reading general or direct questions.
Full Tarot Reading: $60 - 30 minutes general/ direct questions
Year Ahead Tarot: $150 - A full 12-month look ahead
Mediumship: $100
Charm Casting: $50

MENTORSHIP: $100 - One on one 95 minute appointment for tarot lessons, chakra balancing, shadow work, inner child healing, trauma work. 

GUIDED MEDITATION: $40 - which helps with sleep/dream issues & helps those who have trouble connecting to spirit.

RITUAL WORK: Rates start at $50. Contact us for a consultation. Individual situations may vary. 

Contact us for a consultation. Rates start at $100 for a basic energy refresh. Individual situations may vary. 

WEDDING CEREMONIES: Rates start at $150. Please call to schedule your next event.