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APRIL 8th - Tarot Bootcamp Workshop

APRIL 8th - Tarot Bootcamp Workshop

Reading tarot cards is more than just a party trick. Tarot is a valuable tool you can easily learn to use even if you have never touched a tarot deck before! Wednesdays in September are for learning Tarot at Well Oiled! No experience is necessary for this workshop as we will walk you through every step and all the information you need from start to finish. When you complete this workshop you will be able to confidently read tarot cards for yourself and friends!

This comprehensive 3-part workshop includes:
✨ In depth discussion of all 78 cards in the standard tarot deck.
✨ Full instruction on intuitive card reading.
✨ Simple yet powerful techniques to interpret the cards with meaning and accuracy.
✨ A review of symbolism, numerology, and astrology as they connect to the tarot.
✨ Easy beginner tarot spreads.
✨ Full instructions and guidance on creating your own tarot journal.
✨ Practice readings and other interactive activities.

What you will need:
A deck of Rider Waite cards or a similar deck based on the standard symbolism.
Once registered you will receive an email with directions for connecting virtually with the classr. 

April 8th: Intuitive Reading
April 15th: The Fool's Journey - Major Arcana
April 22nd: The Four Suits - Minor Arcana

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