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Tarot can be a remarkable tool within our spiritual practice for the purposes of divination, introspection, personal growth, intention and even spell work that can and should be accessible to anyone who would like the opportunity to learn.

This comprehensive 4-part workshop is an opportunity for anyone at any stage in their tarot journey to expand their understanding and skill set. During this course we will cover all 78 cards in a standard deck as well as learn the practical application of those meanings in the context of various spreads. We will also discuss intuition and learn important ethical matters as it concerns reading for others. You'll be given a set of spreads to begin working with and receive information regarding ways your cards can be utilized outside of the standard divination techniques.

All you need is a willingness to learn and a deck of tarot cards based on the Rider Waite formula.
We will meet every Sunday during the month of February from 4-6, the cost will be $150.

All levels welcome and encouraged!

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