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Spiritual Self-Care: Get Your Shit Together Class (March 20)

Spiritual Self-Care: Get Your Shit Together Class (March 20)

Self-care is the number one way to combat daily stress & anxiety. When you healthy and balanced you are better able to manage what life throws at you. We often hear “body, mind, spirit” as the trilogy of holistic wellbeing. Many of us can define and connect to the concepts of physical health and mental health, but far fewer of us are able to articulate what spiritual health means to us and how we cultivate it in our lives. What is spiritual health? How do we take care of our Spiritual selves?
Spiritual teacher, Dumitru Drezaliu will guide you through this workshop as you explore the definition of spiritual health and engage in an eye-opening self-inquiry around your own habits and rituals of spiritual Self-care.
If you are ready for meaningful insights into your personal power for healing, then this event is your welcoming invitation. Go ahead raise your consciousness and invest in inward development.
The cost of the workshop is $30 and includes all materials and takeaways!
Spiritual Self-Care Readings with Dumitru will also be available for $30.
Save 30% if you book both the workshop and a reading! Use coupon code: SELFCARE

Date of Workshop: March 20th, 2019 at 6pm

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