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Custom Order Smelly Monster

It has been known for centuries that plants have therapeutic properties. Aromatherapists around the globe use the essential oils from plants to gently help people with an array of issues including stress, anxiety, and insomnia, among others.

Each Smelly Monster is simply magical and handmade with love for your favorite person. Put a 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil on his little strawberry and tuck it inside his mouth. Now, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils while you cuddle him! This is a great baby shower or birthday gift! The Monsters are small enough to take in the car or on a plane but plenty big enough to rest your head on or wrap your arms around him!

This Monster is unscented.
He is handmade from 100% cotton flannel and stuffed with poly fill.
Each Monster comes with one piece of "Monster Fruit" which is hand sewn from natural wool felt.
Each Monster comes with a sample size bottle of the essential oil of your choice.
Each Monster measures about 12" tall.
Hand washing is recommended.

Oils available:
Pure Lavender
Sleepy Time Custom Blend
Calm The Crazies Custom Blend
(Please send a message with your selection otherwise I will send Counting Sheep.)

Please note, since each monster is hand made with love, there may be slight differences. If you order a custom Monster please allow one week while I create him for you! All Monsters are shipped in a waterproof bag to ensure a safe, comfy trip to you! Please note that the pictures are examples. Please message me for current inventory or to place a custom order.

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