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September 24: Readings with Rev. Marjorie Rivera- Soul Event

September 24: Readings with Rev. Marjorie Rivera- Soul Event



Every soul has the ability to communicate a story and this story is written and stored in the Akasha. Rev. Rivera is wired to get messages.

During the Soul Event, you will get to choose which type of message you'd like;

1. Messages from Loved Ones (They bring proof of Life on the Other Side)

2. Messages from your Angels (They come to be of service to you, to help, guide and heal)

3. Messages from YOUR Soul. (Getting to the heart of the matter and channeling the message you need to hear, could be past, present or future of any topic or question you have.)

Before opening the circle, every guest will participate in an Angelic/Ancestral energy blast and cleanse. Then sacred space is created to allow your messages to come through with distinct clarity. You get to choose the type of message, or you can leave it up to the Spirit. Either way, this uplifting, calming, healing circle will benefit you right down to the soul. 

2 circles to choose from 4PM-7:30PM OR 6:30PM-8PM
Rev Rivera's Soul Event 45$ per guest

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