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Reiki with Aimee

Reiki with Aimee

Aimee is a naturally intuitive empath and messenger. She uses Tarot and energetic transmission as a means to receive and interpret information from Spirit to help you better understand behaviors, relationships, patterns and belief systems which act as blockages to achieving your highest potential and joy. She is a reiki practitioner and a gifted dream interpreter and can help you decipher healing messages.

Aimee has worked with Tarot cards for over six years and found almost immediately that her style leans naturally towards a therapeutic approach. Nearly always being called to counsel people moving through trauma, grief and identifying the parts of their lives which hold them back and prevent growth. In fact, her own search for answers to the things which were both, literally and metaphorically, haunting her was the beginning of the path that led her to Tarot and understanding her role as a messenger.

Aimee believes strongly in community, that each person has a great and profound impact on those around them. Therefore she is committed to delivering messages without judgement, compassionately and honestly because the growth of individuals is intrinsic to the growth of communities; and as a result the whole of humanity. She believes one cannot bear witness to the joy or triumph of another without themselves experiencing the same blessing.