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Readings with Sora (March 15th)

Readings with Sora (March 15th)

Our past lives and experiences from those lives are imprinted on our souls. Like a fingerprint, these experiences are part of who you are and can shape how you spiritually react to present situations and people. Many of the struggles we have in this life, the people we come in contact with (both good and bad), and the events that happen to us can often be traced back to our past lives.
A past life reading with Sora helps you identify and break behavior patterns that are no longer serving you by examining past life influences that are imprinted in your spiritual memory. A past life reading gives you a unique opportunity to get a glimpse at your own spiritual fingerprint to help you better understand what drives your emotions and behaviors. It's an enlightening, comforting, and engaging experience.
Each reading is 1 hour and includes an overview of your present situation followed by a review of the relevant past life that surfaces as a result of the examination of your present situation. There are only five readings available so please pre-register to secure your spot.

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