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Oct 29th- Dumb Supper-Dining with the Dead

Oct 29th- Dumb Supper-Dining with the Dead


We are so excited to be hosting our first Dumb Supper in community together.

A Dumb Supper is a traditional Wiccan Samhain ceremony where we share a meal with the dead.  The meal will be held by candlelight, in complete silence, and eaten in reverse order in an attempt to unbind those lost to us in the world of the living and to facilitate a quiet environment for which to receive messages.  

Our event will be held in traditional fashion.  Those who attend will invite a deceased loved one and bring an item which belonged to or represents that person in some way.  We will have an altar for these items to represent our desire to commune with those invited.  A three course meal will be provided and each person will have a plate of food for themselves and for their guest.   You will be seated next to an empty chair so that you may dine next to your loved one.  After the meal we will hold a silent meditation which will be signaled by the sound of a bell.  Once the mediation is completed the silence will be broken to facilitate the delivery of messages from the dead to the living.  

Those who wish to participate must be prepared for up to an hour of silence and are encouraged to dress in black for the occasion.

This is going to be a very special evening and we cannot wait to spend the evening in remembrance with you.

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