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December 2: Empath Meet-up

December 2: Empath Meet-up


An empath is a person who feels the emotions of others as our own. An empath must also be able to understand these emotions, to know what they are and why.

I know how important it is for an empath to find a supportive community. My goal is to empower empaths and all highly sensitive people to fully embrace their sensitivities and manage the challenges of being a highly sensitive, empathic person. Learn strategies to thrive as an empath and stop absorbing stress.

Each month we will delve into a different topic of discussion. Topics may include health, weight, relationships, love, work, parenting sensitive children, combating narcissists, protection techniques & celebrating your gift of sensitivity.

This Empath Support Group is meant to provide a circle of support for empaths everywhere so we don’t feel alone anymore. Our meetings are solution-oriented designed to educate empaths about the gifts and challenges of their sensitivities.

This group is a place to learn or share how you survive in today's world or learn how to support a friend, loved one or child who has an Empath gift. Please leave your judgement on the doorstep. Come in with an open heart and open mind, share yourself, and your life: Your questions, your fears, your ideas and your thoughts.



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