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Marita has worked for over 30 years helping people through life's tough transitional changes, matters of the heart, and to help you sort through indecisiveness in your life. She delivers messages from not only her spiritual guides, but also your own to give you detailed spiritual information that can help you break out of the chains of spiritual habits and negative choices, learn how to understand yourself, and gain new spiritual tools to carry along your life's journey.

In 2003 Marita was Involved in a near fatal accident. Life threw her a curveball, and the accident resulted in her crossing over for a moment. This event changed her life forever as it pushed her into the right path for her life. She's an Ordained Minister as well as a Reiki Master and an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.

Marita's style is empowering and spirit led. She believes that the one human emotion that is the most difficult to learn is how to love yourself more than you love others. She wants you to understand your self worth and inspires you to tune into your highest self so you can reach the best life you've ever lived! Without judgment, she can offer you a spiritual alignment so you can see your journey.

Private appointments will take place from Noon until 7pm. The cost is $50 and we suggest you pre-register as appointment times are limited and fill quickly.
*No refunds or exchanges
* Entertainment purposes only

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