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March 19: Connecting to Your Higher Self Retreat 10-4PM

March 19: Connecting to Your Higher Self Retreat 10-4PM


Do you feel called to a more sacred connection to your higher self?

Would you like to experience freedom and self-expression?

If your answer is YES, join us for our Spring Equinox Immersive MetaArt Portal Retreat. 

Together, we will harness the power of the Spring Equinox, employing creativity and imagination as our Source-given tools all while stepping into higher realms of ourselves.

During this sacred time of renewal and awakening, we will commune inside a liminal space where we’ll meet our higher self, or Fully Realized Divine Self, and dance within our own potential and transfer that connection through the painting of frequency art. This is a life altering event.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

10am – 4pm (Simple nourishing lunch provided)

Leave with personal portal painting to your Fully Realized Divine Self

Through Lee Ann’s signature Immersive MetaProcess, you will:

  • Step into and feel your highest nature

  • Interact directly with your higher self (Fully Realized Divine Self)

  • Understand your mission

  • Create your own MetaArt Portal, a divination tool

In this deep meditative process, we will journal, paint, and discover as we journey into and beyond the reality we hold as true and into the space within where all potentials exist.

By exploring new territories of reality through the lens of our own pure potential, we will experience and strengthen the connection to our own divinity and power.

You’ll leave with a deeper knowing and inner experience as you paint a direct link to your Fully Realized Divine Self. This 16” x 20” canvas portal painting is a powerful addition for your meditation practice.


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