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Manifestation Oils


The *CELEBRATE* set includes three new blends: Excite, Revere, and Jubilation!
👉Excite is woody and fresh, with notes of tangy citrus, peppered rose, green foliage, and warm woods. The hints of black pepper and tea tree make this blend an exciting addition to any collection. 
👉Revere’s floral yet spicy blend will entice you with notes of apple blossoms and citrus, along with rose absolute, dewy greens, and soft musks. Spice up your collection with this seductive blend.
👉Jubilation has fresh and floral scents with notes of lush berries and crushed peppercorn, Grandiflora rose and luminous musks. This blend is complex and beautiful.

The *THRIVE* set includes three new blends: Spirit, Verve, and Zest!
👉Spirit is spirit-filled and woody, with notes of caramelized sugar, bourbon whiskey, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla balsam. The hints of lemon bitters, cinnamon leaf, and cedarwood make this a warm and complex blend. 
👉Verve is a woody and sweet blend sparkles with notes of lemon fizz and cardamom, along with sweet tobacco notes, warm sultry woods, and a hint of amber and vanilla. This blend is a sexy, warm, and sweet addition to your collection. 
👉The fresh and spicy scents of Zest make this blend a lively addition to any natural fragrance collection. With notes of peppercorn, juniper berry, and aquatic florals mixed with lime zest, lemon peel, and ambery musk tones, this blend is exciting and vivacious.