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Kara Anthony

Kara Anthony

Kara Anthony is a Psychic/Medium/Channeler/Medical Intuitive/Automatic Handwriting & Pet Communicator. All of her gifts are rooted in Kara being a natural healer. She studied IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) and is a trained Reiki Master/Teacher and uses these healing modalities with animals as well as herself and others.  

Kara has always had animals as part of her life and she seemed to be able to tell what the animals were feeling and thinking all of her life. Due to her love of animals she became involved in animal rescue and fostering dogs. A few years ago she was invited to study animal communication and found that she is a natural animal communicator and animal medium. She uses these gifts to help others connect with living animals as well as passed animals, using her animal communication skills to help owners understand and bond with their animals better.

Kara is a gifted medium with the gift of channeling. She works with her family on the other side, guides, Archangels and Angels to help others see their path more clearly. Connect with past loved ones and get messages from your guides through her.  Each experience is varied and unique for Kara as well as the client and she never knows what will happen…but that is part of the magic!

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