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June 29th: Akashic Records Group Reading

June 29th: Akashic Records Group Reading


Journey into the divine depths of the Akashic Records with us and access your unique soul information.

The Akashic Records is a sacred space that exists beyond the physical realm and consists of all thoughts, deeds, and actions that have ever been created in the past, present, or future. The Records can give you information about your past lives, decisions you made and why you made them, soul contracts, karmic relationships, and even your specific Soul Purpose this lifetime! Accessing your records helps you enjoy greater awareness and peace.

At this event, three Akashic Record Readers will open your personal record and bring to your awareness one or more past lives that are relevant to your present-day experience.

The Records have a supportive, non-judgmental, helpful energy. Every time we access the Records, some form of healing occurs - whether that's physical, spiritual, emotional, or energetic healing. We receive exactly what we most need.

Seats are limited as this is a personalized experience.
Event starts at 7pm.

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