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JULY 19th & 26th - Tarot Journaling: Level 2

JULY 19th & 26th - Tarot Journaling: Level 2

You have just clicked the event listing for a unique workshop of creative exploration into tarot through journaling! You have never been to a workshop as unique as this! Tap into your own deep well of wisdom and discover new personal insights through guided journaling. This workshop will empower you to use tarot to improve your wellness and your spiritual connection. Exploring tarot this way helps you to connect with your deck in an intimate way and process your thoughts and experiences, which opens you up to new insights on how to get back to equilibrium, facilitate much-needed spiritual healing, and grow emotionally.

In the beginner class we will touch upon various keywords and basic details of the traditional 78 card tarot. You will be provided with a binder packed full of journaling pages, worksheets, and more, plus a private 1-on-1 session mentoring with Sora to ask any questions. The learning doesn't end there, though. You will also have access to an exclusive Facebook Community, led by Sora, where you can further your personal learning. In the group you will find daily interactive tarot prompts, question/answer posts, suggested spreads to try, tips and tricks for overcoming struggles, and in-depth discussion of card associations.

This workshop will also give you access to a monthly tarot meet-up at Well Oiled where you can come and practice in person with other beginners and ask questions from the tarot readers who work at Well Oiled!

Please bring your own tarot deck and a willingness to learn!
Registration is online. This is a TWO DAY event: July 5th and July 12th from 10am to noon. Due to current distancing recommendations the class attendance will be limited to six seats. 

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