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Inner Child Check-ins

Inner Child Check-ins


As we enter into the time of year that lends itself to play, fun, pleasure and enjoyment, we also lean into the inner child from whom our playful characteristics came to be. Despite our tendency to approach magic from a serious place, play is a deeply powerful form of magic, too often overlooked. Our state of play is in fact our most vulnerable and authentic state of being and in order to fully surrender to it we require a great deal of safety and nurturing. Depending on the condition of your inner child, this concept may feel scary, silly, unimportant or all around painful but it is in fact essential to well being and potent magic.  For these reasons, Aimee has cultivated a tarot spread for inner child check-in readings to assist anyone who wishes to to know, heal and nurture their inner child in deeper and more impactful ways. Each of us has great capacity for joy and pleasure and furthermore are deeply deserving of these things. Let’s work together to cultivate more playful light heartedness for ourselves and the inner child within us all.

To schedule your session simply book an appointment on our website with Aimee on any of her available days or call the store to ask about availability. Each session will last around 45 min and cost $60.

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