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Fire Activation Ritual, July 3 @7pm

Fire Activation Ritual, July 3 @7pm

Litha, or summer solstice is the pagan holiday which is also associated with fire. It is a moment when we celebrate the return of summer and the earth in her peak of full bloom when we revel in the warmth and pleasure of summer days and when we activate the fire energy within ourselves. It is also the holiday most often associated with handfasting, a commitment ceremony between lovers.
This year, we are offering a communal ritual where we will be activating fire for ourselves as individuals as well as for our larger community and deepening the commitments we have made to ourselves in order that we might thrive and in thriving benefit the world around us.
In activating our own fire in conjunction with the earth's own activation we put ourselves in alignment with nature and the natural powers of our environment and home, thereby accessing energy which is always available to us to channel into our lives and our magic.
This class is ideal for anyone who is looking to learn more about ritual and magic or anyone who would like to engage in magic within the context of community.
Ritual starts Sunday the 3rd at 7:00 and will cost $60 in order to cover the cost of supplies and preparation.

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