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September 25th - All About the Aroma: Essential Oils 101

September 25th - All About the Aroma: Essential Oils 101

Whether you are new to aromatherapy and essential oil or already use them, I am hopeful that you will find value in this workshop. Sometimes in the alternative health arena we are given conflicting information or we learn just enough to be dangerous. It is my hope that this workshop will provide you with everything you need to begin confidently using essential oils. 

Below is an outline of topics we will be covering:
~ Learn what an essential oil is and how they are made.
~ Briefly explore the history & modern use of aromatic plants.
~ Learn how to read labels and what therapeutic actions are.
~ Develop a basic understanding of science behind scent.
~ Learn about oil safety & proper storage.
~ Discuss different methods of using essential oils.
~ Learn about the energetic and magical properties of some of my favorite essential oils.

When we are finished you will have a better understanding of and appreciation for aromatherapy and how to begin to use oils to improve your world!

Please pre-register as this class has limited seating. Thanks!

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