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Diffuser Starter Kit


This diffuser set is all you need! Whether you are new to oils or adding to your existing collection, this is a great way to go! Please make a note at checkout telling me which oils you would like from the list and which style storage bag!

200ml Diffuser, padded storage bag, and your choice of three full size bottles of essential oils.

Single Oils to choose from:
Bergamot (KidSafe)
Lime (KidSafe)
Pink Grapefruit (KidSafe)
Lavender (KidSafe)
Lemon (KidSafe)
Spearmint (KidSafe)
Clary Sage
Patchouli (KidSafe)
Eucalyptus Globulus
Sweet Orange (KidSafe)
Tea Tree (KidSafe)

Blends to choose from:
A+ Attention (KidSafe)
Calming The Child (KidSafe)
Nighty Night (KidSafe)
Sniffle Stopper (KidSafe)
Germ Destroyer (KidSafe)
Immune Boom (KidSafe)
Germ Fighter
Worry Free
Rapid Relief

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