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August 28 - Glamour Magic

August 28 - Glamour Magic


A glamor is a spell intended to influence the way one is seen or perceived by others. In modern culture glamor magic has been reduced to appearance and makeup but that is a great oversimplification of the true meaning of this kind of magic. A glamor can be cast to cause a person to be perceived as more attractive sure, but a glamor can also be cast to make a person unattractive to anyone from which they do not want to receive attention. It can be designed to cause one to go totally unnoticed or to appear to be or not be anything of your choosing. 

In this class we will discuss some of the many different kinds of glamours, we will talk about tools and imbuing objects, and we will each perform a spell designed in class specified to your personal desire.

You will receive a mirror and other magical tools to take home and for that reason the cost for this class is $60.

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