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Vayda is an experienced tarot reader with a passion for helping people navigate life’s many challenges. She has honed her intuition and insight through years of practice and self-reflection.

To Vayda, the tarot is a powerful tool for self discovery, healing and personal growth. Her readings are known for their clarity and compassion.

She has a deep understanding and connection to the cards symbolism and can relay their divine messages to the person receiving the reading.

Vayda’s approach is non-judgmental and compassionate. She always strives to create a safe space where people can explore their deepest fears and desires. Vayda has helped many people find peace and guidance through the difficult times that life has to offer. Clients are left feeling empowered and inspired after a reading with her.

Vayda also has a wealth of knowledge in crystals and other spiritual tools and is happy to help you hone your own practice! When she’s not reading tarot cards, Vayda enjoys reading, yoga and diving into new spiritual topics! She is currently training to become a certified yoga teacher and is excited to teach classes soon!



Services Short tarot reading: $20 - 15 minute reading for quick and general insight

Full tarot reading: $60 - 30 minute in-depth reading to understand your situation and how to move forward