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From a very early age, he realized he was able to receive Divine Knowledge and manipulate Karmic energies. His natural talents have been enhanced over the years through self discovery, esoteric practices, and psychology/human behavior studies to hone a unique experience when finding guidance through the tools of divination.
He specializes in Tea Leaf and Tarot Readings to tap into energies that open the path to Divine Guidance and clarity on Love, Life, and Personal Growth.
Through life experiences, esoteric and scholastic studies, he gains insight on the most positive potential path for the client to know and take towards their Higher Self, ultimately elevating the recipient's outlook on any given situation.
"I truly believe through understanding oneself, it makes room for us to understand each other and build our community."


Basic Tarot Reading: $30
Full Tarot Reading: $60
Basic Tea Leaf Reading: $50
Tea Leaf Reading w/ Tarot Pull: $60
Wallet Sigil Card - $20
Tarot Reading with Wallet Sigil Card - $70
Triple Moon Special - Tea Leaf Reading + Tarot Reading + Wallet Sigil Card: $100