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I started my path in energy working. I didn't really understand it till much later, but I knew I felt something that could be used for different purposes, including magick, manifestation, and divination.
Nowadays, I use energy to connect to my clients. My goal is to create a sense of resonance in my readings. What that means for me is the internal realization that we, both myself and the querent, have opened a door, and now we're in this together.
My style of guidance is very karmic based. It is my intention to help find and harness my client's energies along with the energy of the universe to accelerate their personal karma to use it to their best benefit. When you sit through a reading with me, even if I don't tell you anything you don't already know, I can guarantee that you will leave feeling more confident and more in control of your life.




Quick and Direct Guidance: $30 - 15 minutes

Full Reading: $60 - 30-45 minutes


$60 - 60 minute session

Tarot Lessons - Basics, Astrological Correspondences, Numerology, Qabalah and more!

Spiritual Guidance - Meditation, Energy Work, Manifestation & Magick

Ritual - Provide a goal and I'll build a ritual to help achieve it