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Assistant Manager

We are a local, community minded metaphysical retail store with an emphasis on community.  Our team members are not so much sales people as a support system to those who come to us for healing, growth, knowledge and like minded solidarity. We strive to create a community space where individuals can learn, grow, and find their spiritual path and practice as well as cultivate a welcoming safe space for our customers where they can ask questions, explore spiritual practices, acquire the tools they need, and most importantly find acceptance, compassion, and guidance. 

 Our mission is to offer beautiful, high quality items which support the goals of our customer base as it pertains to personal, spiritual, physical and emotional health.  More than that we offer classes, workshops, mentoring and many other services in order to promote well being and to act as a safe space for people to grow and heal. We offer a retail space full of metaphysical tools including crystals, ritual candles, jewelry, burn bundles, incense, books, divination tools like tarot, pendulums, runes, and more. We also offer workshops for personal development, free meetups and support groups, and services like readings and reiki.  It is our belief that if individuals are thriving, communities will also thrive and when communities thrive everyone benefits. 

Our sense of community is also present within the shop and among staff. The same compassion we extend our customers is also extended to staff. We are flexible and sensitive to the need for self-care and work/life balance. The owner schedules semi-annual team building events for staff to foster personal connections among staff and show appreciation for all the hard work and love poured out from the shops, a portion of the sales is used to treat the staff to lunch now monthly, rewards for reaching sales goals, and a work space where each staff member can feel welcome to pour their own magic into our shop. Well Oiled is a collective experience. Individuals interested in this position are encouraged to have knowledge of and a vested personal interest in the metaphysical as well as community care and building.

The job isn’t all touchy-feely, though. There is a more practical side to the assistant manager job as we are a business. 

Retail Assistant Managers work at stores where they help implement consistent workplace procedures and make it easy for customers to make purchases. Retail Assistant Managers work closely with the Store Manager to track employee productivity, customer satisfaction and other metrics for success. Retail Assistant Managers assist in the hiring process and enforce company policies among all employees. They may help write the staff schedule, process shift change requests and track absences. They manage store inventory, document defective or damaged items and determine when to order more of different kinds of items.

Retail Assistant Managers need to have excellent people skills to manage their team, resolve conflicts with customers and communicate with upper management. Successful Retail Assistant Managers are friendly, optimistic and personable people who can connect with and motivate different personality types. They encourage others to accomplish goals together and support one another to exceed customer expectations and meet sales targets. They’re good at resolving conflicts and devising creative solutions to problems for their staff and customers. 

Retail Assistant Managers should also be good with numbers so they can successfully manage inventory and balance register amounts. Good Retail Assistant Managers are organized and detail-oriented.

As part of the management team it is important to understand that management functions as a team and you will be expected to collaborate, share ideas, and complete any work assigned to you as needed. 

RATE OF PAY: $12/hour
WORK LOCATION: Canonsburg & Dormont
HOURS: Part-time 20 hours+ a week (including Saturdays)
DIRECT REPORT: This position will report to Aimee, the manager, and Melissa, shop owner.


  • 1 year previous retail leadership experience
  • 5 years prior retail experience
  • Customer Service Skills since this is a customer oriented job & we want to foster good customer relationships. You will be the face of the shop and one of the people our customers come to for support as an expert. 
  • Excellent sales abilities - We have retail items, classes, and services. You will be expected to understand and sell these to our customers. Shop specific sales training will be provided. 
  • Attention to detail - create and analyze reports, understand sales statistics, being mindful of staff work and behavior, maintain store appearance, inventory management, attention to customer needs and behavior
  • Computer Proficiency: Excel, Word, Google Drive, IG/Facebook, Zoom - you will be required to use excel for schedules, time sheets, inventory, and more. Zoom for meetings. Social media for marketing. Email and group chats for communication. We use Google for the shop's shared files. 
  • Ability to lift heavy boxes and merchandise - rocks are heavy
  • Math Skills - You will be responsible for overseeing cash outs, balancing the register, and managing the shop’s petty cash. You will also be expected to price inventory, calculate retail prices, etc. 
  • Knowledge of an array of metaphysical practices and tools. We are a metaphysical shop and you are the assistant manager. You will be seen by the customers as an expert and should have a basic understanding of the tools and practices including crystals, basic ritual work, divination, etc. 


  • Strong Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills - You will need to be able  to resolve customer conflicts as well as conflicts between employees. 
  • Collaboration Skills - You will be part of a management team that regularly meets to collaborate and share ideas, responsibilities, and work. 
  • Proactive - If you see a problem, fix it. Take initiative. 
  • Creativity - creating attractive marketing displays, arranging merchandise, maintaining store appearance 


  • Store Maintenance
    • Opening and Closing the store
    • Ensuring employees complete all job duties
    • Merchandising
    • Order Processing
    • Ensuring the store looks presentable
    • Inventory - Track inventory shipments and inspect upon arrival, price, and merchandise products
  • Staff Management
    • Supervise and train staff
    • Staff Conflict Resolution
    • Review staff performance and offer constructive feedback
    • Assist staff with processing returns, void transactions, and approve any discounts
  • Record Keeping
    • Verification of daily sales and the register cash
    • Keep daily records damages, deposit log, scheduling, employee discount and new hire paperwork
  • Customers
    • Customer Service
    • Customer Conflict resolution - If a customer has an issue that a sales person is unable to address, the assistant manager can correct the issue
    • Sales - In-depth knowledge of the store’s merchandise, its exact location and its prices
  • Management Team
    • Drive sales goals and track sales goal progress
    • Collaborate as part of management team on marketing, product curation, and shop functionality
    • Report daily to the shop owner on sales, issues with customers, issues with staff, events, and any other needs for the store. 


  • Pet Friendly
  • Free coffee and tea
  • 20% employee discount
  • First look at special inventory and new products
  • Compassionate work environment
  • Laid Back, fun work environment
  • Casual Attire
  • Monthly sales bonus and “fun money” to use for complimentary lunches and treats
  • Female owned and managed

If you believe you would be a good fit for this position please fill out the application below. Thank you!