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Aimee is a naturally empathic messenger and intuitive healer who believes in personal responsibility and truth as the primary means to personal growth, joy and spiritual development. As such she uses tools such as tarot, reiki, intuition and honest communication to act as a messenger between you and source.

Aimee is also a dream interpreter, divine rage coach, magical practitioner and believer in the divinity of the universe and all things within it. Because energy exists within all things, all things can affect our energy whether for better or worse and it is up to us to care for our energy the same as we care for our physical body and emotional well being. Because human beings are complex and multifaceted, she offers a variety of options within her services. Everyone receives the support which is most beneficial to them as an individual.

Aimee believes strongly in community, that each person has a great and profound impact on those around them. Therefore she is committed to offering services in a safe, respectful and loving environment to facilitate the wellness of individuals. When individuals are thriving, so are communities. She believes one cannot bear witness to the joy or triumph of another without themself experiencing the same blessing.



30 minute Reiki Session: $30
60 minute Reiki Session: $60
Tarot Attunement: $70


Custom Reading: Name your price
(Starting at $20)
Name your price and the topic of your reading and Aimee will make you a custom spread.

3 cards or 3 questions: $20
Looking for a quick answer? This is the spread for you!

Crossroads: $20
Do you have a decision to make? If you find yourself at a crossroads this reading can give you the guidance you need.

B*tch you better reshuffle $20
Didn't get the answers you wanted? Ask again!

Moon phase reading: $35
Each moon phase provides us with an opportunity to reflect. This reading is specific to the current moon phase - new or full moons

Chakra: $40
Assess where your need to tend to your energy with this unique tarot reading and reiki session in one.

Birthday special reading: $45
Happy birthday to you! Check in and see what the next year has in store for you!

Tell me about myself: $45
Insight into what makes you special. Self-reflection and direction.

Celtic Cross: $60
An in-depth reading that gives an overview of the situation and revelas the best steps you can take to achieve the outcomes you want.

Inner Child: $60
Check in with your inner child. What advice do they have for you. 

Ego: $60
How is your ego serving you and hindering you? This reading gives you insight into your relationship with your ego

Self love $60

How do I find love $60

The Lovers: $100
A comprehensive look at the relationship, connection and contract between you and another person, this can be a romantic relationship, friendship, a family member, a working relationship or even someone you do no like.

Shadow Work: $75

Family/Generational Trauma: $75

Communing with the Dead: $100

Year Ahead: $100


Divine rage (private session) $90 (Dormont Only)
Anger isn't a dirty emotion. It's a divine one. Schedule your private Divine Rage workshop solo or with a group of friends and tap into the power of your emotions.

Mentorship: $60/hour
A mentorship session with Aimee can cover general spiritual or personal guidance to professional development of your metaphysical and spiritual gifts.

Private event/ class $30 a head
Aimee teaches a number of classes at Well Oiled and you can schedule these for a private event! Below is a list of classes you can choose from.

Tarot Classes

  • Boot Camp
  • Tarot & The Elements (You can choose fire, water, earth, or air)
  • Tarot & Archetypes

Ritual Workshops

  • Elemental Activation Ritual (Choose from fire, water, earth, or air)
  • Communing with the Dead - Samhain Dumb Supper (Available in October only)