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October 10th - Astrology Boot Camp

October 10th - Astrology Boot Camp


Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? I mean we can blame our parents or our last boss...or...we can look to the stars! The placement of the planets at the moment you took your first breath can help you understand how you tick! The answers are in your birth chart!

Astrology Boot Camp will teach you the basics of building and reading a birth chart.

Certified Astrologer, Meissa, will answer questions, clear up misconceptions, and provide insight on topics like planetary retrogrades, house systems, inner vs outer planets, moon cycles and more. Boot Camp is a series of four classes, each one taking you deeper into your own personal birth chart.

Class 1: All About Astrology Signs (September 10th)
Class 2: Interpreting the Planets and Houses (September 24th)
Class 3: How the Stars Affect you - Exploring Chart Transits (October 8th)
Class 4: Astrology in Practice - Interpreting the Chart (October 22nd)

Full Workshop is $100 if all four classes are booked together. Individual classes are $30 each. Private astrology sessions are available by appointment. 


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