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September 8th - Art of Healing

September 8th - Art of Healing

You have been lied to about how the world works. You have been taught that its all about the physical but that's not true. There is an entire world of energy. Any problem you are struggling with isn't because you aren't taking the physical world steps. It's because you don't know how to use or see the energy and adjust it!

You see, healing flows when we are in a state of balance. Our bodies are always moving towards this place of balance however the daily commute, an argument with your significant other, grief, a poor night's sleep, illness, pain, or a rude person in line at lunch keeps our energy disordered and mucky! This muckiness creates blocks in your energy field. When you realize this and you learn to work with the energy world, everything gets easier.

Join us for this wonderful and informative workshop where we delve into the world energy work! We will cover the practice of Reiki, Using Crystals for healing, benefits of Meditation, and more! There is energy everywhere and in everything. Learn to live, enjoy, and flow.

Ticket Price: $30
Register online. Seating is limited.

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