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May 27th: Men's Support Group 7PM

To live is to be challenged, regardless of gender. The purpose of this support group is to focus on addressing and overcoming the unique challenges faced by men in the current world climate. There is a misunderstanding of masculinity perpetuated by the belief of the role men serve. Men have been taught to swallow their feelings, to avoid tenderness, and reject femininity in all forms. What is Masculine Spiritual Development and Healing? It is about striking a balance. The divine masculine and divine feminine exist within all of us. You can enjoy a juicy steak as well as pumpkin spiced latte. Self-care can be a heavy workout and a spa day. You can love and be loved without judgement. Positive masculinity is about having the strength to show vulnerability, finding a deeper purpose built out of integrity and valor, and knowing you can both offer support and ask for support when needed. "Stepping up to the plate" is a divinely masculine act. The spiritually developed man becomes the knight in shining armor for himself. - Ryan

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