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April 27th- Tarot and the Elements: Water

April 27th- Tarot and the Elements: Water


As we progress along our Tarot journey there are many ways to deepen our knowledge and understanding of this powerful tool. There really is no arrival when it comes to Tarot, only deeper meanings. One useful way to deepen our understanding of Tarot is by examining the cards through specific lenses to facilitate new realizations and truths.

This Month we will start off a series of tarot classes focusing on the relationship between tarot and the four elements beginning with the element of water.  Each element is represented through the four suits (cups, swords, wands and pentacles) however, there are some crossover episodes throughout the suits, not to mention the representation of each element through the major arcana.  In taking a deeper look at these cards through the lens of the element of water, we come to deeper realizations and startling truths we might otherwise have overlooked.  

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